How to Transform your Christmas Leftovers | Melissa Hemsley
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How to Love your Leftovers


How to Transform your Christmas Leftovers

If you’re already bored of bubble and squeak, here are more of my easy tips to transform leftovers and get the most out of your Christmas food shopping budget. All while cutting down on food waste. It’s a WIN WIN.

Loving your leftovers isn’t just for Christmas. My new book Eat Green is out in January 2020, for more delicious ways to transform leftovers, flexi recipe ideas to use up those veg scraps, and freezer meal ideas, plus lots more.

And if you’re having people over for drinks and need a last minute solution to feeding them, check out my festive grazing board.


For leftover…

  1. Orange peel / satsuma / clementine peel- make a natural home fragrance, my Mum taught me this – put on a tray in a or cooling oven, it will smell divine!
  2. Sprouts and leftover roots like potatoes/parsnips/carrots – make sprout fritters and top with an egg for brunch – recipe here
  3. Chocolate – make crunchy chocolate clusters – recipe here
  4. Leftover turkey or chicken – make the easiest and comforting turkey curry – recipe here
  5. Cooked carrots –  blend with tahini, garlic and lemon (and harissa or cumin/paprika if you like) and turn into a 2 minute carrot hummus.
  6. Wine or port (and you’re not going to drink it) –  freeze it for future stocks / gravies/ bolognese – use ice cube trays
  7. Any pears? Make perfectly poached pears and serve with a dollop of cream or yoghurt – recipe here
  8. Leftover peas – make pea guacamole, enjoy as a dip or to top a lentil chilli. 
  9. Grate raw carrots, mix with flour and spices and fry into carrot fritters  – recipe in my book Eat Happy.
  10. Chicken carcass/  beef bones / veg trimmings – make a big pot delicious broth for soups and freeze extras for a rainy date.


Happy Christmas and see you in 2020!  Love Melissa x

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