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Iced Teas & Summer Drinks


Iced Teas Hydration Station

iced teas

Iced Teas Hydration Station! My fridge is full of these easy breezy refreshing mocktails (which could also be the base for a cocktail too). A wonderful way to stay hydrated & avoid waste too by using up herbs, herb stems & herbal teas. Peel ribbons of veg, slice wedges of fruit and use their peel too! You can use up frozen fruit or tinned fruit, stir in spices like turmeric and cinnamon or ginger… anything goes here really. If you’re low on ice, chill them in the fridge and of course frozen fruit helps keep them cold.

Here are some of my favourite flavour combos & tips to make the most out of your iced teas…
Plus, keep scrolling for some ready to go recipes!


Orange or grapefruit and fresh basil – try with green tea or matcha tea

Apple, honey and thyme – try with chamomile tea

Cucumber, Lime and Fresh Mint – Mojito style – how about a touch of chilli.

Lemon, honey and ginger – how about a touch of cinnamon or chai tea
Ginger, lime and pear

Berry tea or (frozen berries) and sprig of rosemary or lavender

Rooibos tea or Earl Grey & a slice of lemon/orange

Turmeric tea with lime and mango/pineapple (frozen)

Lemon verbena and mint


Teas that work especially well – rooibos, turmeric, lemon and ginger, chamomile, earl grey, chai, lemon verbena

Other things you could add: slices of fennel, celery, tomatoes (bloody mary style), beetroot, chilli etc

Sweeten with a touch of maple syrup or raw honey

Top up with cold water or sparkling water or if you’re having a cocktail, a little splash of gin or vodka.

Once you’ve infused and drunk your way through your drink, make sure you eat what’s left too. I’ve made all these up today and I’ll keep them in the fridge to drink over the next few days.

Use big jars and empty washed wine/drinks bottles work really well or vases too can double up.


Strawberry & Rooibos Iced Tea

When you’re in need of something cooling and refreshing, this Strawberry & Rooibos Iced Tea is the perfect match. I’ll always have a pot of iced tea ready to go for friends in the Summer, and this combo of succulent strawberries mixed with botanical rooibos is a real treat… especially whilst watching the tennis. It’s sweetened with maple syrup, but honey will be just as lovely. It also keeps well in the fridge so see it as your new Summer staple.

Get the recipe.

iced teas

Zest Orange Turmeric Cooler

There’s always a pot of something lovely on the go when you come over to my house, and that doesn’t change with Summer. This cooling, zesty take on my Winter staple of lemon & turmeric, is a real favourite, especially served in the garden on a sunny day. Swap for lemon, lime or grapefruit if you fancy and you can always switch the cayenne for fresh chilli or leave out. If you’re new to turmeric, perhaps add half the amount and see if you like it.

Get the recipe.

Mint & Lemon Verbena 

I love the smell and taste of coffee but it doesn’t always suit me. This is reviving in the morning and if after a big lunch if you need refreshing, the citrus verbena is perfect and the mint is great to give your digestion a helping hand. Plus it makes a gorgeous iced tea if you fancy a change.
I’ll re-brew a few more times and then chill any extra and serve it up with a slice of lemon and some ice for a gorgeous iced tea.

Get the recipe.

Lavender Pomegranate & Sumac  

This Sumac & Pomegranate Cup was a recipe I made for The Bake for Syria fundraiser on Columbia Road and went down such a treat with everyone! Refreshingly simple, it’s the perfect Summer sipper without the extra sugar. Sumac is really easy to buy in every shop and is delicious in sweet and savoury recipes with a lovely lemony flavour so feel free to replace with citrus zest.

Get the recipe.

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