4 ways to get back to nature this half term | Melissa Hemsley
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4 ways to get back to nature

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4 ways to get back to nature

I’ve been asked recently what I get up to over the holidays, especially when I’m staying at home. With the school holidays coming up, wrap up warm and head out into the great outdoors, reconnect with nature and get closer to where your food comes from. I enjoy doing all of these with or without kids about so whoever you are, use this to inspire a wintery weekend.

1. Join a beach clean
Organise your own beach or park clean with the kids or a friend in tow. Or join an organised clean up with Surfers Against Sewage or Plastic Patrol, both of which help keep British waterways clean. You might have seen them going up and down the canals in London on paddle boards. Or go for a spot of ‘plogging’ – the Swedish term for jogging while picking up rubbish and litter!

2. City farms are brilliant fun! Reconnect with where your food comes from

Get the kids more connected to where their food comes from. Find a local city farm where they can see geese, sheep, donkeys and goats. I’m a big fan of Hackney City Farm, especially as their cafe serves delicious, locally sourced food. 

If you’re sans children, look for a community garden where you can help out your neighbours and pick up some produce with low food miles, or check out Feedback’s Gleaning Network to help rescue food from farms that would otherwise go to waste.

3. Go foraging
Now is the time when young nettles and wild greens are starting to grow. You might be surprised just how many wild leaves are edible out there, but beware, you can’t eat just anything. Head out with a local forager or guide to help you identify them.

4. Forest bathing 
Yes, forest bathing is a thing. Studies have shown that spending time walking in forests reduces the stress hormone cortisol, boosts your immune system and helps increase creativity. Get kitted out, leave your phone at home; find some woods; tap into those senses; and get tree-hugging! Also read more here on why I’ve gifted my Godchildren trees this year. 

I’ve written a guide to self care over the winter months. Read more here. 

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