Kimberley Wilson on The FeelGood Sessions | Melissa Hemsley
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Kimberley Wilson The FeelGood Sessions

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Kimberley Wilson on The FeelGood Sessions

Feelgoodsessions Kimberley Wilson

“COURAGE OVER CONVENIENCE” says @foodandpsych

Please join Kimberley Wilson of @foodandpsych and me on Thursday 11th June 7pm for my FeelGood Sessions on IG LIVE. Kimberley is a chartered psychologist, brain health & nutritional expert & author of ‘How to Build a Healthy Brain’ 🧠

I look forward to talking to her about brain health & her recent post on *COURAGE OVER CONVENIENCE* where she says, “After this initial wave of motivation fades what will be required is consistent application of courage. By many people. For many months”.
I urge you to watch it, it’s the first post on her wall now @foodandpsych

And if you want to catch up on previous FeelGood Sessions, you can watch Anita Rani’s and Laura Brand’s too.

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