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Laptop Free Lunches


Laptop Free Lunches

Here are some of my fave ‘Laptop Free Lunches’ as a reminder for us all to close our laptops, take time away from our desks and enjoy our food with appreciation. I’ve shown which ones are best hot and which are lovely cold and easily packed up for a portable lunch. If you haven’t already, get yourself a good quality food flask as having a lovely hot soup or stew to look forward to when you’re away from home is a great feeling to power you through a busy work morning, or maybe you’re making the most of the daylight and taking it to the park!

Roasted “jacket sweet potato” salad – delicious hot or cold

sweet potato laptop free lunches
Delicious with butterbean hummus, quick pickled onions and random ends of seed packets, toasted for extra flavour – it’s worth the extra 1 minute of effort for that flavour and crunch.

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Green Soup with halloumi croutons – best eaten hot and fresh at home

Green Soup, Halloumi Croutons, Food Waste
I like to use peas and courgettes in the summer and then leeks with kale and potato or celeriac in autumn be sure to make the halloumi croutons fresh each time, also you could roast some chickpeas or butterbeans and add them on top too.

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Cupboard Comfort Bowl – enjoy hot – great in a flask

Super easy 30 minute recipe – delicious plain or top with roasted veg / fresh salad / crunchy slaw. Makes a big batch so you can change up the bowls daily or freeze half for a day you don’t feel like cooking.

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Ginger Green Noodles – warm or cold, great for portable lunch 

ginger sesame lime noodles melissa hemsley
Makes 4 portions in less than 20 mins so I’ve got leftovers for lunch tomorrow. This time I made it with 1/2 a broccoli, runner beans, cucumber & Pak Choy giving some of the veg a quick stir fry in the time it takes the noodles to cook. All veg works well here..courgettes, carrots, spinach. And you can use this lively lime dressing with meat, fish, quinoa or rice salads etc

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Get your Greens In Bowl – best warm or gold – great for portable lunch

This *Get Your Greens Quinoa Salad* is a properly satisfying salad in less than 30 mins. Make sure you use up the broccoli stalks too! If you run out of herbs, chop watercress/rocket/lettuce anything green goes! Swap quinoa for lentils or rice/ pasta/ buckwheat.

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Any Bean Any Lentil Chilli – enjoy hot – great for batch cooking

lentil bean chilli melissa hemsley
Any Lentil & Any Bean Chilli to feed your street! This is SO EASY & makes 10+ portions so you can happily make a big batch and freeze for another day. This is great if you have any tins of beans in your cupboards that you can put to good use, and any lentils work here too. It really is so easy that I think you could throw in anything you want and it would still taste delicious.

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