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The Like A Woman pop-up bookshop

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The Like A Woman pop-up bookshop

Penguin is launching a pop-up bookshop stocked solely with titles by female writers for International Women’s Day and I am SO thrilled to be one of many inspirational women involved!

As well as hosting a live recording of my Podcast with Virgin and Penguin Living “Live Life Better” on the 7th March 2018, Penguin is bringing this brilliant pop-up bookshop to 1-3 Rivington Street, East London for 5 special days from 5th-9th March and is named “Like A Woman.” The pop up is a celebration of “the way that women contribute, often under the radar to every facet of society” and will recognise women who have fought for change in areas such as politics, activism, writing, art, science and many more.

As well as hosting an exciting live recording with me, the bookshop is also putting on other exciting evening events.

Read more about “The Like A Woman” book shop here.

Join me for the evening on the 7th March for a special live recording of my podcast Live Life Better here.


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