My little black book to Marrakech | Melissa Hemsley
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My little black book to Marrakech


My little black book to Marrakech

Are you off to Marrakech any time soon? Last week I went on a “woliday” (that’s a working holiday) to Morocco where I spoke at a special travel event about my ideas for healthier and feel good food, drink & exercise & meditation offerings in hotels. I talked about how important it is for us come back from a well-earned holiday feeling better – am I right or am I right!? It was a short and sweet stay in Marrakech and my first trip back as a grown up. I first went with my school to climb some mountains and fundraised my own flight by cleaning my neighbours ovens and doing odd jobs when I was 15 years old! SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO!

Check out my Little Black Book to the best food in Marrakech below. These were my favourites, as well as some top tips from some of my friends and industry insiders who know their onions:

Nomad Hotel – go with a big group for lunch, sit on the roof and order everything to share @nomadmarrakech.

El Fen – for cocktails on the roof as the sun sets. Very stylish, turmeric yellow and hot pink sofas and lots and lots of candles @elfennmarrakech

La Mammounia for a seriously luxe stay. Famous for their stunning indoor pool and you’ll be beautifully welcome with orange blossom infused almond milk and the biggest dates you’ve ever seen.  @lamamouniamarrakech

Le Jardin, the secret garden in the souk. Have lunch with the tortoises @lejardinmarrakech

Sad to have missed visiting the below but here are some other top picks from some of my well-travelled friends:

La Maison Arabe for cooking classes @LaMaisonArabe

The Royal Mansour for spectacular rooftop dining @Royalmansour

Al Fassia for the best tagine and all female staff says @julietkinsman

Thanks so much for inviting me, lovely travel pals @suitcasemag @pure_theshow CAMERA @richardleemassey

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