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Live Life Better Competition

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Live Life Better Competition

Bringing you this week’s competition to win these fabulous books for you and a friend!

In this episode of my podcast with Virgin & Penguin Living, ‘Live Life Better’, psychotherapist William Pullen demonstrates how running with purpose can be used to exercise our inner issues, whilst tennis coach and sports campaigner Judy Murray shares her thoughts on cultivating resilience through sport. Plus, a reading from Ruby Wax, a monk and a neuroscientist, who think that the mental and physical stresses of body and brain are one in the same – and that mindfulness holds the key to overall contentment.

To WIN a copy of their brilliant books for you AND a friend, just head over to my Instagram @melisa.hemsley and tag a friend who would love to read them in the comments.

The winner will be chosen at random and contacted via DM by @penguinliving_uk on 9th April. Good luck and hope you enjoy the 📚🤞

If you haven’t had a listen to the latest episode yet, you can find it here or search “Live Life Better” on iTunes.

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