Live Life Better Podcast: Series 3 | Melissa Hemsley
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Live Life Better Podcast: Series 3

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Live Life Better Podcast: Series 3

Live Life Better the Podcast
is BACK for season THREE & I am so thrilled to share more insights into making you… Live Life Better!

From mental health to our bodies, relationships, work-life balance and the food on your plate, this season is full of advice and insights to make a difference where it matters most to you. Throughout this third series, I will be enlisting the help of authors, artists and sensory experts to take a look at how we can all live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives by immersing ourselves in new sensory experiences. Each week a different sense will be explored, so prepare to hear, see and even taste the world a little differently this year.

We’ve all had a first sip of a drink or a bite of a meal which transports us to a different location, another time or a familiar emotion. But how can we harness the power of taste to open up different experiences and improve our lives? In my latest episode, I invite food and drink experts into the studio to find out some answers. Vegan cook and author Rachel Ama, chartered psychologist and Great British Bake Off finalist Kimberley Wilson and ‘king of the cocktails’ Ryan Chetiyawardana – aka Mr Lyan – provide us with unique insights and unforgettable flavours for you to try out.

Listen here.

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