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Love your Festive Food Leftovers

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Love your Festive Food Leftovers

leftovers food waste christmas

Whenever this festive time of year rolls around, I am always looking for ways I can minimise food waste, maximise what I’ve already got and give love to my Christmas leftovers. Which also means getting the most out of my Christmas budget.

I’ve usually got a load of roasted veggies to use up and turn into something else delicious after Christmas. So here are some of my favorite recipes to do just that and bring a new lease of life into loving leftovers.

And for those times over the festive period when people show up unannounced, throw together a festive grazing board and they’ll never guess you’re using up your ends of jars and cheeses.

*On to the recipes*

Festive Cabbage and Quinoa Tabbouleh

This Festive Cabbage and Quinoa Tabbouleh has a certain wow factor about it. Put your leftover cabbage to good use. This salad is a mix of everything I love; crunch, sweetness, heartiness and lots of freshness from the herbs. Use any roasted veg you have and I used olives here as I had some leftover from entertaining, but use whatever else you think might work or throw in whatever you fancy! Get the recipe here.

leftovers potato kale food waste

Potato and Kale Breakfast Tray Bake

Let your leftovers be your base in this one pan Potato and Kale and Egg Breakfast Tray Bake. It’s one of my fail safe breakfast recipes when I *think* I have nothing to have for breakfast. But after a little *fridge forage* I can usually find eggs, some leftover roasted root veg. Bung this in the oven, have a slow start and enjoy using up what you’ve got. Get the recipe here.


Warm Squash, Parmesan and Apple Salad

Put leftover cheese to good use with this Squash, Parmesan and Apple Salad with Honey Apple Thyme Dressing. Feel free to swap out the parmesan for any cheeses you’ve got that need some post-cheese board love. Don’t worry about peeling the squash, minimise your food waste by giving it a scrub instead. Feel free to swap the squash for carrots, beetroot or sweet potatoes, or whatever you’ve already got that needs using. Get the recipe here.

carrot leftovers frittata food waste

Leftover Carrot Spanish Style Frittata

Let your leftover Carrots make the base of your breakfast (or dinner) with this Frittata. Whether they be roasted or steamed, make a lovely big Spanish style tortilla or frittata swapping potatoes for carrots. I love a big warm wedge for breakfast or leftover slice cold for a snack the next day. Get the recipe here.

leftovers food waste recipes

Roasted Cauliflower and Lentils

A tabbouleh is one of my favourite types of Summer ‘salad’. So, I’ve made this Roasted Cauliflower and Lentil Winter version that’s hearty, full of colour and has lots of fresh herbs to keep us going through the grey months. If you’ve not roasted a cauliflower before, you’re in for a treat. Make sure you include the cauliflower leaves too, which are delicious and shouldn’t be wasted! Get the recipe here. 

broth food waste leftovers

Zero Waste Bone Broth

This has to be one of my favourite ways to minimise my waste in the kitchen. Don’t let the leftovers of your Christmas bird go to waste. Make a broth, using all of the last best bits and odds and ends of what you’ve been cooking with. Instead of throwing the ends of your onions, garlic and carrots away or adding them to your compost, throw them in here too! Get the recipe here.

As with every year, I’m trying to eat in a more planet-friendly way by embracing more seasonal veggies, finding delicious ways to use up leftovers. If you’re keen to know more about all of that, check out my new book Eat Green, out in January 2020!


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