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Top tips for a Perfect Packed Lunch


Top tips for a Perfect Packed Lunch

Having a packed lunch is one of my favourite little life wins. Knowing I’ve got something yummy to tuck into in my bag, brings me a lot of joy in the day, especially when it’s come from a loving big batch meal and thrown together with lots of leftovers. But we’ve all been there when we are left with a soggy salad or bag leakage! So here are some of my tips to say goodbye to sad packed lunches and make the most out of your food, helping you waste less.

1. Salady bits – chop lettuce heads chunkily so they hold up and if you’re using leaves like watercress or rocket, you could push them to one side or layer them on top.

2. Dressing – dress your lentils / quinoa / buckwheat / rice / pasta / sturdier veg on the bottom layer of your box or upcycle a little jar and put your dressing in there.

3. Herb ends – turn leftover herbs or stalks into a pesto and use it to herbaceous-ly coat your salad without getting it too wet and risking sogginess.

4. Clear your fridge – roast everything you can see in the veg drawer with some lovely spices from Belazu or Rooted Spices. Tumble it into your packed lunch box and crumble feta over and pop a wedge of lemon in there for a last minute squeeze.

5. Last night’s dinner – make extra, put the rest into your lunchbox with a handful of something fresh like juicy tomatoes, crunchy pickles or refreshing leaves and some toasted nuts or seeds to keep it feeling different.

6. Make a fridge forage frittata – you know I love a frittata, a big wedge of leftover frittata makes the perfect packed lunch. Delicious cold, I actually think they taste better the next day.

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