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No/low Alcohol Drinks I love


  Low/No Alcohol Drinks I love

low alcohol drinks Melissa Hemsley

When you want something refreshing at the end of the day but aren’t in the mood for mixing up a cocktail or time doesn’t allow for a mouth-watering mocktail like these, then these wonderful low and no alcoholic drinks do just the job! Some of these brands not only taste great but also give back to charities like Wateraid so it’s a win win! I’m always on the look-out for other delicious drinks so do share any others with me so I can try.

In no particular order:

  1. Belu – ( ginger ale, especially because they give their profits to one of my favourite charities, Wateraid.
  2. Pentire – ( a botanical Made in Cornwall with sea buckthorn, meadowsweet and rosemary. Love it garnished with pink grapefruit and topped with tonic.
  3. Wildpress – ( – pressed apple juice made from Somerset apples, love it topped with sparkling water. They have a huge range of juices based on what apples they’ve got to press.
  4. Feelgood – (  – fave fruity sparkling drink flavour is rhubarb and apple, they donate 3% of their sales to charities.
  5. Saft – ( – made in the UK in tiny batches extracting berry juice using a traditional Scandinavian steam method – delicious diluted with hot water for a warming drink on a drizzly day.
  6. Seedlip – ( I always go for the aromatic Spice 94 bottle. Delicious with tonic.
  7. Three Spirit – ( made in the UK, they do different mixes to suit your mood.
  8. Wildpress – ( with regenerative growing at it’s core, this apple juice helps UK bees and tastes great!
  9. Aqua De Madre – ( Super tasty flavoured Water Kefir, made local to me in east london
  10. Biona coconut water – ( so refreshing on a hot way or after a workout

And if you’re after some tasty snacks to go with your favourite drink, head here.

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