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Kitchen Tips & Tricks

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Make the most of meals: My kitchen tips & tricks

I’m a huge lover of leftovers and all about making the most of what you’ve got, turning dinners into lunches and cooking up something yummy with your simple, staple cupboard ingredients. One of the best tips my Mum taught me was how to respect food by not wasting it. I base my meals on foods that are stocked in my cupboards and freezer along with fresh, seasonal produce and vegetables.

If you’ve got my new cookbook  Eat Happy: 30 minute feel good food, you’ll see that I share delicious, fuss-free recipes along side my go-to food fixes when recipes don’t go to plan and my kitchen tips and tricks to make sure you’re making the most out of your ingredients to save you time and money and allow you to enjoy your food that little bit more!

So I wanted to share 4 of my kitchen tips and recipe saves with you all to make your food go further:

 Double up and freeze your food. This is my number one tip for making your busy life that much easier. If you know you’ve got a busy week, then spend an evening cooking something simple and yummy but make double and freeze it so you have food to hand whenever you need it and can turn it into another meal or simply take for lunch. Cook once, eat twice! Or even multiple times!

 Recipe save – Has your dish become too salty or spicy? Simply add more substance to it with coconut milk, tinned tomatoes or cooked beans or quinoa.

 Be inspired by the season. Use vegetables and herbs depending on what’s on offer at your local shop. I love it when you get creative with my recipes, so wherever you can, swap the vegetables for something you already may have! No need to ever feel restricted by recipes, see them as as a gentle guide to have fun with.

 Save your stalks! We’re so quick to throw away the parts of vegetables that recipes don’t require, but try cutting off any really knobbly bits from a broccoli stalk and then thinly slice them and cook in with the florets or grate them when making vegetable rice. I’ve even got a recipe for Carrot top pesto which uses up the green tops of carrots so nothing is wasted and you can do the same with radish leaves too which are peppery and delicious.

Check out my Video for my “Waste Not Want Not Bowl” using up leftovers and turning them into a packed lunch for tomorrow!

Watch it here.

Get your hands on your very own copy of Eat Happy here.

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