My July Telegraph Summer Recipes | Melissa Hemsley
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My July Telegraph Recipes


My July Telegraph Summer Recipes

Call me selfish, but I choose dishes based on what I know will be enjoyable and give me leftovers for brunch (with the addition of a poached egg, perhaps) the next day. Win-win! Recipes that you can make ahead and/or serve at any temperature will be your friend here – that way, you can relax and stop watching the clock. Frozen grapes and cheese make a great snack – or dessert, for that matter – and require no effort. Simply freeze a bunch of grapes in advance, and bring out with good-quality cheese and crackers.

First up for my July Telegraph feast is this Watermelon salad, perfect for a picnic or as a side for a BBQ.
Get the recipe here.

Melissa Hemsley Telegraph Puttanesca

I don’t usually like fussy presentations but find making this Puttanesca-style Tomato Gratin, especially the layering part, relaxing! If you don’t like anchovies, replace with extra capers and olives. This is fab at any temperature; as it starts to cool, the veg will suck up lots of lovely juices and you’ll be left with a thick utterly delicious ’gravy’. Serve with garlic rubbed crusty bread or toast, or a side of warm garlic cannellini (or other white beans) to soak up all the juices.
Get the recipe here.

Melissa Hemsley Telegraph nectarines

A simple & elegant dessert finishes off any Summer meal beautifully. Here are my Poached Nectarines or Apricots with Honey that I think you’ll really enjoy. If you can’t find ricotta, you can use mascarpone instead. If you don’t want to use wine for this, you could use a non-alcoholic spirit like Seedlip.
Get the recipe here.

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