My June Telegraph Summer Veg Recipes | Melissa Hemsley
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My June Telegraph Veggie Summer recipes


My June Telegraph Veggie Recipes

telegraph veggie salad

Tomatoes simply ARE summer to me, so it feels imperative to have them on the Summer menu for my Telegraph recipes this month. I’m starting with a simple way to jazz up a tomato salad and make it feel extra special without much effort: slices of peach and an anchovy-garlic oil (which you could make with oil or butter depending on what you have) are the easy additions. Get the recipe for my Tomato, Thyme & Peach Salad here.

telegraph veggie kebabs

For a main course, chunks of corn, halloumi, courgettes and peppers are rubbed with a spiced oil and transformed into kebabs to go with a green buckwheat salad. I’ve been using British-made halloumi-style cheese, such as Yorkshire Dama or Anglum from Kupros Dairy, as the British cheese industry needs all the support it can get. Get the recipe for my Buckwheat & Pistachio Salad with Veggie kebabs here.

Telegraph melissa hemsley brownie

Finally, black-bean brownies are my cold-weather sweet staple, so this week I’m sharing a summer version – a bit like a blondie, using my favourite summer fruit (cherries) and chickpeas instead of black beans. I’ve been snacking on little squares of it for days, and it’s great for a picnic, too. Get the recipe here.

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