My March Telegraph recipes inspired by my Mum | Melissa Hemsley
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My March Telegraph Recipes


My March Telegraph Recipes

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Ginger, garlic and onion. Three of my favourite ingredients, thanks in no small part to my mum, who says anything is delicious with that base. The trio regularly makes an appearance in Filipino food – the food I was brought up on – and they come together in this month’s recipes I created for the Telegraph inspired by my loving Mum.

The starter of Cauliflower Chilli & Parmesan Fritters and the Date & Almond Bake with Salted Chocolate Sauce for pudding aren’t filipino but my mum loves anything salty, crunchy and fried so it’s a menu inspired by her and for her with a Filipino-style mussel dish for the main affair. I created this for Mother’s Day but each recipe is wonderful on it’s own, and the fritters are a great way to pack in any left over extra veg and entice little ones whilst we’re all at home. The Date & Almond bake would also be a great mid-afternoon snack with a big cup of tea.

I really hope you enjoy the recipes and stay tuned for next month’s.

Get the recipes here. 

Portrait Photograph: Sophia Spring for Telegraph

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