Mental Health Awareness Week | Melissa Hemsley
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Mental Health Awareness Week


Mental Health Awareness Week

Hi friends.

As an ambassador for Head Talks the amazing peeps there have asked me to post how I honestly feel right now.

Yes, our mental wellbeing is important every single day but this week is *Mental Health Awareness Week* and it’s a really big week to move the dial forward for real life conversation and progression for all of our mental health.

So here’s mine. Today is quite tough. It’s been a funny few months anyway, I’ve been trying to shoo away anxiety and then I’ve had half a week of sleepless nights over my dog Nelly. To distract myself from helplessness, I’ve been throwing myself into *getting stuff done* and running on empty. But today the stress has caught up, I feel sick with exhaustion and have panic bubbles and a twisted tummy thinking about everything to come. I know the tools I have and the things I know will make me feel a bit better but it doesn’t always work does it? Today I will rest and go gently and be kind to myself rather than tough it out and pretend I can handle it all because I can’t. So this morning, I’ve had 4 cups of lovely tea on the phone to a few friends where I’ve been truly honest with them and myself and had a laugh and a cry. I’m glad I heard human voices and not just text. I’m roasting a chicken, got my face mask on and I have made a pact with myself to take the day as it comes and honour how I truly feel.

How are you honestly feeling? Sending love to you all!

Melissa x

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