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Mint & Lemon Verbena Tea





I love the smell and taste of coffee but it doesn’t always suit me. This is reviving in the morning and if after a big lunch if you need refreshing, the citrus verbena is perfect and the mint is great to give your digestion a helping hand. Plus it makes a gorgeous iced tea if you fancy a change.
I’ll re-brew a few more times and then chill any extra and serve it up with a slice of lemon and some ice for a gorgeous iced tea.


  1. Boil the kettle and rinse your leaves. Pop them into a pot, top with just boiled water and let brew for 5 minutes or longer then serve up.


  • 1 large handful fresh mint – stalks n all
  • 1 large handful lemon verbena – stalks n all
  • 500ml just boiled water
  • A little squeeze of raw local honey (optional)

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