3 springtime Mother's Day recipes to cook this year | Melissa Hemsley
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My favourite (M)other’s Day Recipes

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A (M)other’s Day Menu For You & Your Loved Ones

Melissa and mum mothers day Maria Bell Photography

Whether you’re planning a Mothers Day delight or just cooking for yourself or loved ones this weekend, here are a few recipes, including one from my new cookbook *EAT GREEN* that are perfect for this time of year.

Also how cute is mum in this picture? Evangelina Hemsley is a force of nature and my lifelong teacher both in the kitchen and beyond. We recently got to shoot a lovely story for the brilliant indie, mindfulness magazine, Oh talking about what she’s taught me in the kitchen, including her incredible resourcefulness and thrift (which she’d hate me saying) and which I’ve also shared in Eat Green. Shout out to the editor Eminé, who’s an old friend. We got together to cook a Filipino chicken noodle soup for the next issue that’s out at the end of April. Look out for it in WHSmiths, Waitrose or or head to the Oh Magazine website and get yourself a subscription. Thanks too to Maria Bell for the gorgeous photography.

Cook these deliciously simple Mother’s Day recipes this weekend:

spring greens frittata

Spring Greens Frittata

Wonderful for brunch or a starter, this Frittata puts any greens you’ve got to good use. Any greens or herbs go here, use whatever you’ve got. I used a mix of chard, spinach & mustard greens homegrown from my veg planter. If you can get hold of wild garlic, it would be incredible in here too. If you have any limp rocket or leaves, add them too. Get the recipe here.

Chermoula Cauliflower, Food Waste, Eat Green, Melissa Hemsley

Fried Chermoula Cauliflower on Herby Green Dip
from my brand new cookbook ‘EAT GREEN’.

These Cauli Steaks will steal the show at any dinner party, but they’re super simple for a mid-week dinner too. They come together in 30 minutes on the nose! If you want to get ahead, the dip and slaw can be made in advance, then dress the slaw while you’re cooking the cauliflower. You’ll want to try the chermoula-esque spice mix on everything, or you could fry it with onion for the base of a pumpkin soup. Get the recipe.

Banoffee Pie in a Glass

A simple & delicious dessert made from ingredients you may already have at home, but these layers of crumbly toasted nuts, sliced banana, creamy yoghurt and sweet ‘caramel’ turn this into a real show stopper. You can make up just one or two, if you prefer, keeping the rest of the nut mix in a jar and refrigerating the caramel for another night.

They’re perfect for preparing ahead as they can be kept in the fridge until needed and it gives them time to set. Look out for Fairtrade chocolate too. Get the recipe.

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