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My Favourite Eco Travel Essentials

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My Favourite Eco Travel Essentials

Have you been cutting back on products with plastic packaging? Plastic Free July has been immense and inspiring. This weekend I was on stage with The National Trust for BBC Country File Live where I chatted to the brilliant Anita Rani at Blenheim Palace about easy ways to get a bit greener everyday.

It’s something I’m learning day by day, and finding new brilliant brands who make the process much easier is wonderful. So here are some of the eco essentials I packed in my bag for a weekend in the countryside that I think you might love too…

Beco Divine Shampoo Bar. Have you tried shampoo bars? I visited their factory near me where over 80% of the workforce is visually impaired and the lovely peeps running the factory celebrate training and teamwork.
Geo Organics Mouthwash Tablets from Content Beauty specialists in green beauty

Razor for life from Muehle UK

 Beautiful handmade Baskets from Mmaa. The artisans making these are incredible and the baskets are handmade with each basket providing a special reusable period pack for a local schoolgirl.

 Jessie Burton’s new epic book (not out til Sept) thank you Jessie for sending me this because you know I’m your biggest fan! Also biggest fan of @mcmasterchef of @silolondon and his zero waste cooking blueprint. 

Aromatherapy necklace from St Palo filled with essential oils. I love my oils! They’re amazing & helped me feel a bit more relaxed this month.

Travel candle by Lost in Scent . I always take a candle away with me so I can sink into a candlelit bath anywhere in the world.

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