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My ‘Happiness List’

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My ‘Happiness List’

Happiness for me is really about being kind and loving to myself and to others. I’m not ‘happy’ all day every day. Whenever I need some extra TLC, I turn to my ‘happiness list’ to give myself a little boost of feelgood feelings so I’m sharing mine with you today to hopefully inspire your own list.

Here’s my Top 5. And best of all, they’re FREE & EASY to do:

 Get outside! Spring is coming and although it may be a little grey, wet and crispy, the fresh air is invigorating and invites us to look up away from our phones and get with nature.

 Call someone you love for a real connection. Even if it’s for 5 minutes but call them and hear their voice rather than message them on social media.

 Do a silly dance! Have a happy playlist that you can call on whenever you need a little lift and dance all the way through one song like you did when you were 10 in your shiny puffy dress and it was your first double digit birthday party.

 Make soup. A big pan of it. The act of making soup alone is nourishing & feelgood & then the eating part is even better. To be extra kind, make double and drop some off to a neighbour or take some into work for a colleague to pass on the love. Sharing food is infectious (in the best way) and doing something for someone else makes me feel better.

 Accept the day and get an early night! Have your soup, turn everything off (phone, tv, laptop), run yourself a bath or have a shower and use that body oil you never have time to use & get into bed with a herbal tea, a hot water bottle and a book that makes you feel happy or has a bit of magic. Harry Potter does it for me every time.

What’s on your happiness list?

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