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My New Cookbook: Eat Green


*My new Cookbook: Eat Green*

Been bursting to tell you about my new book *EAT GREEN*.
I’ve just finished writing and perfecting the recipes and we start shooting next month at my home SO you’ll be able to start cooking from it in January- woohoo! Check out more HERE.

*EAT GREEN: Everyday flexitarian recipes to shop smart, cook with ease and help the planet* is a celebration of vegetables! Good quality dairy, fish and meat can be added in, or left out, and local British produce where the seasons are prioritised. It’s about great taste not waste so I’ll have tons of inspiration and ideas for you to cut down on kitchen waste and leftover makeovers so you can enjoy your fruit and vegetables, stalks, stems, peels and all!
These new 100+ recipes will are affordable and easy to shop for and make, so you can cook properly delicious food for every busy night of the week.

I can’t wait to share it with you, hope you’ll love it as much as I already do!

Melissa x

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