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My 10 Vogue Sustainability Columns

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‘Eat Think Grow’ 10 of my Vogue Sustainability Columns

 I started my food writing career by sharing recipes on six years so I was so honoured to begin my ‘Eat Think Grow’ column to champion food sustainability.

There are now *10 columns* to get stuck into, so I thought I’d help you out and put them all in one place so you can have a read if you wish.

Throughout the columns, I share recommendations and advice from experts and heroes in the food community so we can all learn together and share what we know. After all, knowledge is power and when we know more, we do better. I talk about food waste, social justice for farmers, Fairtrade, plastic and packaging, restaurant recommendations, the trials and tribulations of growing your own fruit and veg, and seasonal ingredients and recipe inspiration.

So read on to learn a little more on each article and click the titles to read in full…

1. 10 Simple Swaps to make a more Sustainable Kitchen

Getting more sustainably minded is a journey. I’m constantly juggling to make changes that I can commit to. It’s not about having to overhaul overnight. It’s definitely not about going out and buying a whole new set of “sustainable things”. It’s reusing what we’ve already got, wasting less of what we buy and making it go further. It’s stopping to think before throwing away and seeing if it can live another life as something else. From rescuing wilted salad before it goes in the bin and turning it into a green frittata, roasting potato peels into crisps or saving carrot greens and beetroot leaves and transforming them into a pesto, we can save a bit of money as well as doing something for the environment.

2. The Best Sustainable Restaurants in the UK

As more and more of us are staycationing here in the UK, I want to shout out to as many inspiring and talented people as possible who are cooking fantastic local produce; celebrating suppliers, farmers and growers; responsibly sourcing meat, dairy, and fish; minimising waste in all forms; and prioritising staff wellbeing.

3. Three Ingredients To Use, Three Restaurants To Try And Three Shopping Swaps To Make

In this article three is the magic number – from my favourite seasonal ingredients to cook with to my favourite places to eat and the shopping swaps you need to make for a more sustainable life.

4. 10 Sustainable Swaps and alternative things to do

Your schedule might have been filling up with barbecues, picnics, festivals, garden parties and seaside jaunts this Summer but, if you’re looking for something a bit different, here’s some food-based fun to have in the UK, come rain or shine.

5. 10 Shopping Staples that are brilliant to Bulk Buy

What are bulk buy shops and why are they so brilliant? Bulk buy shops allow you to bring your own containers or, if you forget, to use their recycled paper bags to weigh out what you want and just buy what you need.  The aim of the game is to try and reduce all unnecessary waste when we shop – especially with single use plastic. Read more for the best things to head to your Bulk Buy shop for.

6. London’s Best Sustainable Restaurants

These London restaurants pride themselves on their ongoing commitment to sustainability – starting with menus built around seasonal vegetables (often grown on-site), responsibly sourced fish, and quality nose-to-tail meat. Their business practices also help to minimise all forms of waste, grow community outreach, and nurture staff wellbeing too.

7. 5 ways to connect more with Nature and your local community this Autumn

The period after the summer holidays always feels like a fresh start to me – a chance to look at the world differently and do a little better, especially when it comes to sustainability. Head to the full article to read how to connect more with nature (and your local community) this September.

8. Brands that are Going Good and Giving Back

If you’re looking to support companies with a conscience and purchase products that are leaving a positive impact on their own communities and the planet at large, check out this shopping list of some of my favourite responsible food and drink brands. Nothing beats home cooking and homemade products, but these are well worth checking out for when you’re next at the shops and want to vote with your spending power. Everything is delicious, that goes without saying, but these are the brands that are thinking about people as well as profits and who are ongoing in their commitments to do a bit better every year.

9. My favourite Cooling Infusions for ultimate hydration

Most of us could be better about staying hydrated – especially in the heat – but sipping bog-standard water all day feels like a chore. Instead of just hitting the tap, refresh yourself by making your own infusions with fresh produce. It’s the perfect way to use up what you have left over in your fruit bowl or vegetable crisper (and save on food waste in the process). Read the full article to learn more.

10. How to Clear out your Fridge and use what you’ve got

Packing for a long weekend or a holiday and shutting up your home can be stressful enough, so I don’t want to overload you with more to feel frazzled about. Personally, though, I cannot throw away or waste perfectly good food, and I’m sure you’d rather not either if you can help it! So, in the lead up to a trip, I try to do my future self a favour and invest 30 minutes before I go away to give my fridge a once over and either freeze or cook up all the perishables. Not only does this avoid food waste, but as a bonus, I rustle up a few delicious things to eat either for my trip or when I return home. Even if you’re not going away, hopefully you find some of these tips helpful for picnics and day trips and al fresco (or maybe al desko) packed lunch ideas.

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