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My Top Ten Vegan Recipes


My Top Ten Vegan Recipes

If you’re cooking for vegan friends this festive period, check out this round up of delicious, simple recipes that just so happen to be vegan so cooking is stress free for you and everyone is happy!

Here are gorgeous spiced banana breads, rich chocolate truffles and perfectly poached pears to satisfy the sweet tooth, then hearty warm winter salads plus simple comforting soups, stews and flavour packed curries.

Banana Bread

Not only vegan but nut free too and it’s a fantastic way to use up ripe bananas.  I love this fresh from the oven or slice up and toast and serve with pumpkin seed butter or a little drizzle of maple syrup.

Chickpea Shakshuka

This big pan of saucy smoky chickpeas is crowd-pleasing for brunch, lunch, anytime of day. And what’s more, you can always crack in some eggs for egg lovers.

Festive Citrus Salad

A fruity colourful salad that makes a refreshing side to any roast dinners.  Add in extra lentils or some caramelised veg to make it heartier.

Speedy Pumpkin Curry

So easy, use a big pumpkin or any type of squash to make this hearty creamy veggie curry.  Peas from the freezer add a pop of green and I keep spinach in the freezer too, ready for recipes like this when you can always add in an extra portion too of greens.

Cambodian Pepper Noodles

Gorgeous colourful noodles, delicious not or cold, I love the Cambodian peppercorns and was given them as a present last year.  But any pepper or chill would be wonderful here.

Hoisin Aubergine Chickpea Pancakes

Inspired by my fave, hoisin duck, these simple chickpea pancakes go perfectly with these sticky aubergines and creamy tahini hoisin sauce.  Definitely give this one a go.

Chinese Mushroom Noodle Soup

Soulful soothing noodle soup, I like this with buckwheat noodles and lots of veggies.

Happiness Balls
(They make great Christmas presents too.)

These 5 ingredients chocolate truffles are such a hit.  Roll them in a variety of colourful coatings like chopped pistachios or hazelnuts or coconut and freeze dried raspberries.  They keep very well in the fridge.

Mushroom quinoa stir-fry with grilled lettuce wedges.

Grilled lettuce wedges are a revelation.  They turn limp lettuce that looks too sad for a lettuce into something very special to crown a delicious stir fry.

Spiced Poached Pears

This looks quite impressive but is super easy.  Lovely British pears sat on top of some thick coconut yoghurt with lots of crunchy bits.

Sesame Lime Chopped Salad

When you’re feeling a bit food fatigued, enter this super refreshing and tasty salad.  Serve it warm or cold, it’s great to feed a crowd and a fantastic way to eat lots of crunchy veggies.

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