My Top Tips for an Organised Fridge | Melissa Hemsley
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My Top Tips For An Organised Fridge


My Top Tips For An Organised Fridge

Keeping my fridge organised is the most helpful tool I have to cut food waste and make sure everything gets eaten up, re-used and repurposed. As we welcome September with slightly colder and darker mornings, I always feel like it’s an opportunity to have a little clean out and get organised for the Autumn and Winter months.

In my new book, Eat Green, I’ve created plenty of delicious fridge-raid recipes, from frittatas to tasty curries to nourishing soups, plus tonnes of flexible tips, leftover ideas and storage tricks to show you how to minimise the food you usually waste and create incredible meals in the process. Find out more here.

Join me in a fridge refresh so that your leftovers don’t get lost amongst the madness and you’ve got everything ready to go when you need to throw together a back to school or work lunchbox!

Here are a few of my top tips to keep your fridge happy:

 Get it nice and clean and organise it so it’s easy for you see what’s ready to grab and go, what needs stocking up on and what needs eating up so you feel more inspired to cook at the end of a busy day and reduce waste and save money too!

 Make sure you leave air around to circulate. Over crowded fridges can create warm spots & cool areas, making your produce more likely to spoil quickly.

 Keep one shelf for your ‘ready-to-go’ foods like cooked quinoa, jam jar salad dressing, boiled eggs, some chopped raw or roasted veg so it’s a complete breeze to pull something delicious together when you’re hungry.

 Every time you do a food shop, move the old items to the front so that you make sure you use them up first & nothing gets left behind or wasted. Cook from what’s in your fridge instead of going out to buy more ingredients for recipes. I bet you’ll be surprised at what you can rustle up with bits & bobs that need using!

 Invest in some glass containers to store & organise your food categories.

 Label everything! This is great if you live in a shared house or have the tendency to just throw things anywhere (I’m guilty of this too when I’m in a rush). But labelling shelves as well as meat, cheese, veg areas helps to keep things in order.

 If any veg is looking a little sad, either roast it up & store in a glass container ready for on the go lunches, or chop it up and freeze it for smoothies or soups.

 Got a few jars of pesto or other condiments that need using? Add a little olive oil & lemon and mix them up in a jar. It can be quite fun messing around with leftover sauces or dressings and making new concoctions.

Let me know in the comments below how you get on with your Fridge Refresh!

Melissa x

Read on here for more zero-waste life hacks, find out how to make the most of your freezer with these make-ahead freezer meals and check out my new book, Eat Green, for plenty more fridge-raid recipes and tips.

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