One year of columns for Telegraph Magazine | Melissa Hemsley
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1 year of columns for Telegraph


One year of columns for Telegraph Magazine

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Photo: Sophia Spring for Telegraph

I just realised it’s been a year since I started writing a monthly column for Telegraph magazine. I’m thrilled to look after the third Saturday every month with a new 3 course seasonal menu to share with you. And in great company with fellow ‘Saturday Supper Club’ columnists Georgie Hayden, Claire Thompson and John Gregory-Smith and our fantastic editor Amy Bryant. 
Here are a few seasonal recipes from this time last year that I know you’ll love and a round up of my favourite recipes – there’s 36 to choose from (and counting!) and you can see them all here.

From September 2019: Freezer-filler recipes to make midweek meals quick and easy. I love this simple Pumpkin & greens curry, apple crumble and buckwheat flatbreads with garlic chilli butter. Get the recipes here. 

From October 2019: A super comforting 3 course menu,A very hearty Cauliflower cheese with roasted squash, sage and hazelnuts.  Then Spiced baked apples with coconut and orange zest (I like leftovers for breakfast) and a fresh and speedy chicory mustard salad to brighten up your evening. Get the recipes here. 

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From November 2019: These 3 recipes make good use of kitchen basics and dried goods. Give the Chickpea Soup with Chermoula a go (chermoula is so delicious), and these (vegan) Chocolate Orange Tahini Squares plus a beautiful pear and pistachio slaw. StoreCupboard Staples, recipes here.

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