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Online Shopping Resources

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Online shopping resources: Supporting Small Businesses, Farmers & Food Sharing Charities

farmers online

I really hope this (ongoing and ever changing) list of food providers who are delivering is helpful for you. Farmers, growers and suppliers who are working so hard to feed us and distribute fresh produce straight to our doorsteps before it goes to waste. Click the links below to learn more.

Fruit & veg boxes (plus eggs/milk/dairy/meat)
Farms To Feed Us –  A brilliant database split by location nationwide
London based Dishpatch
Food Chain – Download via App store or Google Play delivering nationwide
Riverford Organics, nationwide
Pale Green Dot  london and sussex
Detox Kitchen
Farmdrop london
Organic Lea, east london
The famous 
Isle of Wight tomatoes – nationwide
Doggart & Squash – fruit & veg plus flowers & plants –  London & Surrey
Spring Restaurant (Skye Gyngell) delivery London
Selfridges food hall
Fortnums food
Rare Brand Market  – “drive thru” Chichester
Elysia –  london on eco cargo bike
Social Pantry – London
Rare Food  – for very special food delivery
The Grocery List – London

Forty Hall London Vineyard – ecotherapy not for profit
Natural born wines
Organic Rose Gin, Cornwall
Momo Kombucha
Agua de madre Water Kefir & fermented ginger
Seedlip, non alcoholic spirit
Aecorn, non alcoholic aperitif


Cupboard ingredients
Infinity Foods Cooperative Nationwide
hodmedods pulses and grains
Clipper Teas – plastic free & Fairtrade
Passione Vino 
Rare Tea Company
Black Bee Honey Company
Odysea_ltd olive oil, tomato puree, beans
bionaorganic tinned tomatoes, coconut milk
belazu_co spices, tahini,
clearspringuk cupboard favourites
zaytoun_cic spices, herbs, olive oil
steenbergsltd spices and herbs
rootedspices spices
Rudehealth flours and dry goods
Wunderworkshop turmeric & honey
Willys apple cider vinegar
Pomora olive oil

East London Faves – restaurants and shops
Mora Italian
DabbaDrop reusable takeaway
PlantHub and natural wines too
Krapow Thai
Arch Rivals
Yardam deli and resto
WildGoose Bakery
Silo zero waste restaurant

Food waste & Food sharing charities
Felix Project volunteer
Olio and their #CookForKids campaign
Donate 19 cooking for NHS workers
CHOOSE LOVE emergency coronavirus appeal for refugees
Too Good to Go
Food Cycle volunteer
Fairtrade brands
UK Harvest  – Sussex

Re-fill Shops

To find your nearest shop, enter your post-code here.

For more details on refill shops, read here.

  • Ben White-Hamilton
    Posted at 07:04h, 22 April Reply

    We promote Britain’s unsung farmers, their stories, their passion and produce and provide them with the platform to sell their produce. We also want to make it ridiculously convenient for consumers to find, buy and enjoy these talented grower’s produce.

  • Gill
    Posted at 16:48h, 16 November Reply

    Hello Melissa, I’m surprised not to see Organiclea mentioned on your local suppliers list? Wonderful organic produce grown ethically, which also provides education and support to many in the East London community.

    • Melissa Hemsley
      Posted at 15:41h, 07 December Reply

      Hi Gill, thanks so much for this nudge. I love OrganicLea and am very aware of the brilliant work they do so I shall add to the list now! Melissa x

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