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Organic September Faves


  Organic September Faves


This month celebrates Organic September with the Soil Association, which raises awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming, such as helping to combat climate change, raise standards of animal welfare, reduce exposure to pesticides and supporting biodiversity and wildlife.

So here are some of my favourite brands (in no particular order) who champion organic produce, that you might like to look out for when you’re next at your local supermarket:

1. Zaytoun – such a lovely Palestinian brand with the best oils
2. Mr Organic – adore the toasted sesame oil on
3. Taylor and Colledge – love baking with the vanilla extract and an added bonus that it’s Fair Trade
4. Miso Tasty – delicious organic miso to add into soups, stews and broth
5. Green and Blacks Cocoa – love this in baking and is also Fair Trade
6. Pukka Teas – especially love the night time latte blends
7. Clipper Teas – organic tea and coffee and also Fair Trade
8. Biona – stock up on their delicious tins of beans which are great to bulk up soups or salads
9. Riverford – love their yoghurts and veggies
10. Coconut Merchant – frying onions and garlic in their coconut oil makes whatever you make absolutely delicious
11. Crazy Jack – lots of nuts and seeds to add into salads or your baking
12. Wunder Workshop – they have a range of turmeric products including a turmeric honey- so good!
13. Rude Health – love cooking with their buckwheat flour
14. Symbeeosis – Lavender tea that gives back to the bees

If you’ve got other Organic brands that you know and love, please do let me know!


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