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Palm Springs


Palm Springs

My boyfriend Henry Relph (Art Curator) and I headed to Palm Springs for a Californian adventure. Come follow my journey!

Kicking off our Californian adventure with a road trip to Palm Springs, picture perfect and glittering with glamour and vintage scenes.


We set our alarms for sunrise and beat the crowds at the Mirage house by artist Doug Aitken, part of the Desert X art installation which ran from Feb to April and is back in 2019.

Desert X Website   |   Desert X Instagram


Palm Springs, lies in the Coachella Valley surrounded by mountains. Our holiday villa where we BBQ’d by night and spent the days visiting galleries with numerous stops at Cheeky’s, the infamous cafe. Prepare to queue for their signature eggs and their daily changing mimosas, we tried the kiwi, the apricot and the peach!

Cheeky’s Instagram


Catching up on some Zsss in the jacuzzi.


Moorten’s family run botanical gardens and world’s first ‘cactarium’ with a giant turtle called King and a cacti nursery for the perfect souvenir. A peaceful and fascinating way to while away an hour.

Moorten Botanical Garden Website


Sunnylands, the 200 acre estate with it’s mid century glass walled mansion designed by A. Quincy Jones in Rancho Mirage.


Cactus Heaven!!


An Alberto Giacometti sculpture watching over families playing in Sunnyland’s gardens and the San Jacinto Mountains in the distance.


Palm Springs Art Museum houses a wonderful permanent collection of contemporary art. We were lucky to catch this exhibition ‘Women of Abstract Expressionism’ showcasing 12 female abstract painters from New York and San Francisco in the 1940’s and 1950’s from the likes of Elaine de Kooning (pictured) Joan Mitchell and Ethel Schwabacher.

Palm Springs Art Museum Website

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