7 Pancake Recipes for Any Ocassion | Melissa Hemsley
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7 Pancake Recipes for Any Occasion

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7 Pancake Recipes for Any Occasion

Whether you save your ‘Pancake Party’ for Shrove Tuesday, or you’re a fan on pancakes year round, here are some of my favourite pancake recipes to use up leftovers, make the most of what you’ve got and cater to any occasion. From sumptuous sweet lemon or chocolate stacks, to savoury recipes fit for a mid-week dinner, there’s something for everyone here.

With all of these recipes, you can easily get ahead by whipping up the batters ahead of time and leaving to chill in the fridge. Or make extra and take to work with you the next day.

blueberry pancakes melissa hemsley

Blueberry & Lemon Zesty Pancakes
I love these blueberry & lemon zesty pancakes, which are no nonsense, easy to whip up and are a great way to use up ripe bananas. Perfect in the morning or even make extra for a breakfast or snack on the go! Grab your ripe bananas, whizz them up and top with whipped yoghurt, melted blueberries (from the freezer) & lemon zest. Get the recipe here.


Buckwheat Blinis with Beetroot Tahini
As always, the season inspires what I want to eat. Beetroot plays a starring role in these miniature pancakes, and purple sprouting broccoli makes a welcome appearance as we near the end of Winter. Find the recipe here

melissa hemsley spinach pancakes food waste

Speedy spinach pancakes
If you’ve got chickpea flour, a good handful of spinach and some parsley, blend it all up with water, salt and pepper to make these speedy pancakes. Top with a fried egg, a sliced avo or any greens or tomatoes. Find my spinach pancakes recipe here. 

melissa hemsley pancakes

My ‘Eat Happy’ Perfect Pancakes
My ‘Perfect Pancakes’ from Eat Happy! Although made with bananas, these pancakes don’t taste strongly of them. I make these about 1cm thick and very rustically shaped. If you want to double the recipe (especially if you have bananas that need using up), any extra pancakes will keep in the fridge for a few days, or you can freeze them. Pop them in the oven or fry in a pan to reheat. Try this recipe

pancakes pizza

Socca Pizza Pancakes with Roasted Broccoli
You can easily get ahead by whipping up the batter and making up the socca pizza pancakes earlier in the day, or simmering the tomato sauce so you can save yourself a bit of time before serving. Find my socca pizza pancakes recipe here.


Chocolate Drizzled Oat Pancakes
often make these pudding pancakes for friends, and since I’m a Fairtrade ambassador I always look out for Fairtrade-labelled bananas, chocolate and vanilla when I’m shopping. Get the recipe here.

Eat Green Pancakes

Pancakes Three Ways with Salted Date Butter
If you’ve got my new cookbook *EAT GREEN* then turn to page 41 for this recipe, ideal for a big pancake party. This salted date butter is life-changing; you’ll absolutely love it. There are 3 different topping ideas here, including ‘Earl Grey Prunes’ which came about when I had leftover tea in the pot and didn’t want to waste it! Get your hands on Eat Green to get the recipe.

For more inspiring waste-saving ideas, delicious feel-good recipes and plenty more advice on how you can cook more flexibly, buy my new book EAT GREEN. I’m so excited to share it with you!

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