Prince's Trust Ambassador Reception | Melissa Hemsley
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Prince’s Trust Ambassador Reception


Prince’s Trust Ambassador Reception

I was so happy to be invited to a garden party by HRH Prince of Wales and The Prince’s Trust, his youth charity.  Read more on their vital work here

I’ve been working with them this hear giving cooking classes and at the annual fundraiser, I was auctioned off for a class & lunch!

 This is the second time I’ve met HRH, the first back in September at Dumfries House in Scotland to celebrate 25 years of Duchy Organics, his food brand. Check out the group shot below, see who you know from this lineup of Prince’s Trust ambassadors.

PS I’ve just signed up to fundraiser on October 7th called Palace 2 Palace where I’ll cycle 45 miles from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle so more on that soon (I need to get a bike and start practicing!)

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