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Quick Pink Pickled Onions




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These vibrant tangy onions aren’t ‘properly pickled’ but they last a week in the fridge, covered, and add a welcome crunch and flavour booster to all sorts of curries, soups, stews, bean chillis, breakfast tacos, baked sweet potato fillings, the list goes on!

You can use any colour onion, shallot, leek etc but the red onions give you the punchy pink colour. Use vinegar, I like apple cider vinegar or try lime juice or lemon juice too.

For more ‘quick pickles’ with all sorts of vegetables, have a look at a video I made here.

And for ‘proper pickling’ techniques, I’ve got a guide and recipes in my book EAT GREEN, check it out here. 

Click the images below the recipe for some delicious dishes to enjoy with your onions.


  1.  Finely slice the red onions, scrunch and massage them in a bowl with lime juice & salt for 30 seconds then leave them to bathe in the salty lime juice where they’ll go bright pink and delicious.

Enjoy with these recipes


2 red onions, halved and very finely sliced
Juice of 2 limes and some zest
Good pinch sea salt

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