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Reading List: current loves


Reading Love List: Recent Book Recommendations

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I promised myself more books, less TV & only 10 minutes of news since the Christmas break which has meant some of my happier hours – plus some good crying sessions – spent reading the tower of books next to my bed. Does anyone else just love being in the company of books even when they are struggling to read them? Soothing book stacks of friends!
Some of you said you’d be interested in some book recommendations so here we go…. and let me know yours too please? Always keen to have more lined up.

1. One Wild and Precious Life by Sarah Wilson – she’s done it again! So many conservations I’m having in my head, she’s having too, bigger, deeper & with more solutions – congrats my friend, what an achievement.

2. English Pastoral by James Rebanks – one of my publishing team gifted me this as she knows I love learning about farmers & my love of the countryside – recommend for all nature & real food lovers. Can’t wait to visit Lake District

3. Murder mystery club  by Richard Osman – I always wanted to know my grandparents & love a murder mystery so this was good fun & entertaining & I snorted lots

4. The Power of Privilege by June Sarpong – how white people can challenge racism – June is a total legend & inspiration

5. An American Marriage by Tayari Jones – kept stopping to read bits out loud to Henry

6.  Midnight Library by Matt Haig – heart ached reading it, beautiful & uplifting

7. Hungry by Grace Dent – laughed & cried entire time reading this, makes me want to hug my loved ones even more

8. Loved Clothes Last by Orsola De Castro – the cofounder of Fashion Revolution -long time sustainable fashion industry legend & a speaker at #thesustainabilitysessions 🌎

9. Timelines from Black History by Mireille Cassandra Harper – leaders, legends, legacies.

Also shout out to these virtual bookclubs / reading groups @everydayracism_ (just started) @foodandpsych @thehyphenbookclub @eastsidevoices @sisterwomanvegan

And @booksthatmatteruk – bought a yearly subscription & get packages in the post to look forward to each month

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