Restaurant Meal Kits: Feasting at Home | Melissa Hemsley
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Restaurant Meal Kits: Feasting at Home


Restaurant Meal Kits: Feasting at Home

at home restaurant kits melissa hemsley

Like so many industries this year, restaurants have taken a big hit, so I wanted to share some of my favourite at home meal kits that you can enjoy in your own home whilst still supporting businesses and celebrating great food. It’s also fantastic to see the eco conscious packaging that these restaurants are using. Read more on each link for specifics.

For more on food suppliers and my favourite restaurants head here and for my favourite sustainable restaurants around the UK click here. I’m looking forward to adding to these roundups once we’re able to get back out there in 2021 and as always, huge thanks for your recommendations!

For guest chefs cooking up classics from all around the world:
From West African to Parsi, from Vietnamese to Italian,  The Dishpatch works with tons of great guest chefs, this is the first meal kit I tried right at the start of lockdown and it’s consistently brilliant. Farokh’s Paris Feast is probably the tastiest of them all.  Have a look at all the different menus here Nationwide UK delivery.

For veg friendly feasts:
Comfort & Joy by Jikoni says it all in its name.  Vibrant, full of veg and spice and made with love by my friend acclaimed chef Ravinder Bhogal.  It’s London delivery only, check it out here.
And if you’d like to listen to Ravinder speak beautifully and evocatively on her heritage and family stories, have a listen to me chatting with her over lockdown here for my FeelGoodSessions.

For special occasions:
Got to be award winning Adam Handling’s restaurant finish at home kits. Adam is a legend, a fellow Felix Project supporter and this year’s GQ’s best restaurateur (I was a judge!).  We loved the ‘Sunday Lunch’ truffle chicken with clotted cream mash, salad and a magnificent tarte tatin. The portions are generous and we ended up using the chicken over several days and we had lots to share.  Lots of feast options here to try out.  Nationwide UK delivery.

For the bestest of mince pies:
My festive pudding poll came in with 80% of you saying your Team Mince Pies over Team Christmas pudding.  I highly recommend Lyle’s mince pie kits – we loved putting them together and it makes 12 really big ones so we enjoyed one each every day for a week – sometimes hot, sometimes cold, delicious both ways. Check them out here. Nationwide UK delivery.

For brunch fixes:
Dishoom’s naan & chai kits – I’m not vegan but after devouring many Dishoom brunches in the past, I tried their new vegan sausage naan kit and thought it was the best vegan sausage I’ve tried. So give that one a go! I love that Team Dishoom donate a meal to the children’s charity Magic Breakfast who provide nourishing free meals to schools. Order yours hereNationwide UK delivery. 

For breakfast boxes, cocktail clubs & Yuletide deliveries
Created by my friend and regular catering collaborator, Kate of ‘RareFood’ check out all their brilliant and thoughtful packages here.

For a Taco party
London’s famous El Pastor has now gone nationwide with their ‘finish at home kits’ and if there’s just a few of you eating, why not do as we did and turn all the lovely leftovers into brunch and lunch the next day. After a glorious dinner, we enjoyed ‘breakfast hash with eggs’ then we used the leftover salsa and spicy dips and stirred them into black bean soups and topped with cheese! Details here.

For Traditional Chicken Ramen:
Susuru by Masaki – very very delicious traditional organic chicken ramen. It’s on a limited edition run but fingers crossed it continues. Order here.

For Community catering with a heart:
Migrateful catering delivery – Would you like a Persian or Eritrean or Syrian feast delivered to your door by bike? YES! Migrateful runs cookery classes led by refugees, asylum seekers and migrants struggling to integrate and access employment. It’s specific London addresses only, find out more here. 

For a Filipino feast:
From The Adobros. These monthly kits sell out in a heartbeat so be quick, I miss it every month, best thing is to sign up to their newsletters so you don’t miss out, they have rave reviews. Check them out here.  

A Plant Based Regenerative Menu Feast:
Chefs Tom Hunt & Danny Jack have teamed up to launch a plant-based, zero waste and Regenerative Menu Box. Each dish has been lovingly cooked so all you need to do is finish, plate up and enjoy! Order yours here.

For Letterbox Brownies:
My friends at the social enterprise, Luminary Bakery, who empower women through baking and business training have started their “Letterbox Brownies”, meaning yes… you can get brownies posted through your door- delicious! Get love through your door.

For a 3 course meal:
Simon Rogan At Home : we very much enjoyed a 3 course feast from Team Aulis London (Simon Rogan), London only.  A superb fish pie with baby kale and elderflower vinaigrette and a woodruff (sweet herb) tiramisu!

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