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A special collaboration with Riverford


A Special Collaboration with Riverford

melissa hemsley riverford dinner

This Wednesday 22 January I’m heading down to Devon for a special one-off supper at Riverford. Riverford’s founder, the brilliant Guy Singh-Watson will be chatting to me about all things Eat Green while the wonderful Riverford Field Kitchen chefs cook up a huge Eat Green feast using the farm’s fantastic seasonal ingredients. 

If you’re about, you can grab the last few tickets here but Thursday’s demo with me is SOLD OUT. 

I was thrilled when Guy agreed to write the foreword for my book, Eat Green, and I can’t wait to talk to him in front of a lovely audience about it. As you probably know I’m a huge fan of Guy and what he’s done for making organic, seasonal, UK-grown produce much more easily available. 

More exciting news! Riverford are sending out limited edition Eat Green recipes boxes for two weeks at the end of January. This hearty Spinach & Egg Tomato Curry is available this week only, or sign up for a gorgeously spiced Chermoula Cauliflower next week (available soon on the Riverford site). 

In my cookbook Eat Green, you’ll see a list of my recommended suppliers on page 285, including Riverford and other brilliant British producers, including Hodmedod’s beans and pulses, Yorkshire halloumi and Halen Môn sea salt. 

Grab yourself a copy of Eat Green here.

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