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You’ll find my cookbooks in all big and independent bookshops. Online, check out EAT GREEN here and EAT HAPPY here.

I’m working on a list of responsible brilliant brands I like to support. In the meantime, here are a few of my favourites below and a more extensive list of shopping resources here.

Riverford Organic veg boxes 

Fairtrade brands: food, drink incl Green and Blacks Choc, Divine choc, Arena flowers, Zaytoun

Black Bee Honey – raw unpasteurised award winning British Honey

Clipper Teas – especially their Sleep Easy

Biona Organic – cupboard staples

Wunder Workshop turmeric and saffron

 Social Supermarket – collective of small brilliant brands

Hodmedods – variety of flours, dried and tinned pulses

Pukka – drink blends that are also great to bake with

Skincare: MV OrganicsDeMamielBySarahAlexandra SoveralIlaMauliNeom

 Home & Candles: Aerende, Qasa Qasa, MmaSocial and Neom

 Drinks: Momo KombuchaAgua De Madre, Seedlip, Aecorn, Toast Ale 

eat green

Get your hands on my brand new cookbook "eat green” here.