Soho Farmhouse Food Summit | Melissa Hemsley
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Soho Farmhouse Food Summit


Soho Farmhouse Food Summit

Last week, I ventured to Soho Farm House for their annual Food Summit; a 2 day event for members, guests & chefs, celebrating British food & produce. This year’s focus was on the word “Conscious”. Living consciously to improve our environmental impact on the world.

Through panel talks, interactive activities, big feasts & coming together as a one, we shared ways to support local communities, sustainability & waste & encouraged one another to be more mindful of where our food comes from.

The brilliant Mina Holland (author, eater & editor of Guardian Cook), & I kicked off an evening with our “Melissa & Mina’s Pub (& Grub) Quiz… a multi sensory extravaganza of food delights & we had an absolute blast.

Thanks everyone for amazing energy & joining in to share awareness! Until next year!

Melissa x

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