Spring Salads come rain or shine | Melissa Hemsley
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Spring Salad Recipes


Spring Salads come Rain or Shine

These Spring salads really hit the spot with both warmth & crunchy freshness. They celebrate seasonal ingredients and are perfect for all weather days (which we get a lot of in England). As ever, feel free to add in any ingredients you’ve got that need using up to minimise your kitchen waste and make your food go further.

melissa hemsley fennel apple halloumi salad

1. Hot Halloumi & Fennel Salad
This Hot Halloumi, Fennel and Apple Salad is a perfect combination. The fennel, apple, leaves and herbs make for the refreshing half and then the chickpeas and halloumi are fried up with spices and a touch of maple syrup to make them a bit sticky and sweet. If you’ve got any apples turning a little brown, then add them in to this to stop them going to waste. Make this vegan by skipping out the halloumi and upping the chickpeas.
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Mushroom Salad Melissa Hemsley

2. Za’atar Roasted Mushroom Salad
This Za’atar Roasted Mushroom salad with sweet potato wedges and crispy grilled halloumi is such a crowd pleaser. It’s easy enough for every day and special enough for when you’re cooking for friends. Served with a delicious chilli honey lemon dressing that you’ll probably want on everything.
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3. Nicoise Salad with Fried Chickpeas
This salad has all the best bits of the Nicoise, plus extras and it always goes down well as a sharing main. If I don’t have radishes or cucumber, I sometimes add apple or celery for the crunch which makes it a bit of a Waldorf/nicoise hybrids.
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beetroot salad melissa hemsley

4. Spring Beetroot Salad
This big, hearty, warming Beetroot salad does just the job on colder Spring days. Celebrating spring ingredients, this salad has the best textures with crispy chickpeas, roasted carrots, crunchy beetroot & creamy yoghurt
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5. Broccoli Halloumi Salad
This Broccoli & Halloumi Salad with Lentils & a Herby Dressing to drizzle over is a firm favourite of mine. I love it year round but I love adding asparagus when in season in Spring. 
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6.  Get Your Greens Quinoa Salad
This is a properly satisfying salad in less than 30 mins. Make sure you use up the broccoli stalks too! If you run out of herbs, chop watercress/rocket/lettuce anything green goes!
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