How I'm Sprucing up my Sleep Hygiene | Melissa Hemsley
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Sprucing up my Sleep Hygiene


Sprucing up my Sleep Hygiene


Have you thought about your sleep hygiene? Sounds sexy, right?

I’ve been making some positive changes in the bedroom (aka SLEEP HYGIENE)! And it’s proving a great opportunity to put my sleeping habits first.

I’m dedicating the next month to better sleep. Some call it the silly season but we don’t need to get silly about our sleep do we? So I’ve given my bedroom a proper deep scrub and refreshing Spring clean/Winter clean to make it as enticing as possible.

I’ve moved positive happy colourful things in and all things negative & techy out. The radio is staying though for chilled classical music for maximum relaxation.

I’ve put my favourite “sleepy stuff” next to my bed, such as my favourite lavender sleep spray, lip balm (I always need this next to my bed) & my eye mask so I’m not searching for anything before I drift off.

Plus, I’ve promised myself to not read heart thumping mystery murders before bed or watch The Bodyguard (again). YES MA’AM! And I’m making an effort to wind down by candlelight and wake up a bit earlier, at a much slower, more gentle pace. Plus I’m aiming for bedtimes at 11pm latest… Anyone with me?

If you’re sleep serious like me, have a listen to my ’Live Life Better’ podcast episode ‘The Secrets of Sleep’ with the only Professor of Sleep Science in the whole world, Jason Ellis. Listen here.

And if you’re in need of a little wind down before bed, I hope this sleepy, bedtime yoga video, inspires you to have a little breathe & stretch. Watch here.

Happy Sleeping!


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