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A ‘Store Cupboard Staples’ Supper

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A ‘Store Cupboard Staples’ Supper

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Photo: Sophia Spring for Telegraph

A ‘Store Cupboard Staples’ Supper! When you’re cosy indoors on these cold and wet Saturday nights, you might not have the energy (or patience) for more than a quick dash around the nearest shop. Enter these store-cupboard dishes, that I wrote for my monthly Telegraph Food Column, making good use of kitchen basics and dried goods.


Chickpea & Tomato Stew with Chermoula
You might end up with a small portion of this left over – in which case, heat it up for brunch in a small frying pan and crack two eggs in it, then bake for five minutes until the whites are set and the yolks still runny. Top with crumbled feta. Get the recipe.

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Pear & Pistachio Slaw with Quick Pickled Red Onions
The simple slaw is my go-to winter salad for its crunch and freshness, contrasting against a sea of soups and roasts. It calls for a juicy pear (or use an apple if that’s what’s in your fruit bowl) and a cheap and cheerful cabbage. Find the recipe here

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Chocolate & Orange Tahini Squares
If you use dates instead of raw honey to make these, they become vegan and will also set faster. Stir the jar of tahini before you weigh it out. Devour the recipe here.

Check out my other monthly Telegraph Recipes here. And For more inspiring waste-saving ideas, delicious feel-good recipes and plenty more advice on how you can cook more flexibly, get my new book EAT GREEN.

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