The Sustainability Sessions raised £3K for charity | Melissa Hemsley
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Sustainability Sessions One: It’s A Wrap!

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The Sustainability Sessions: A Huge Thank You!

melissa sustainability sessions

The Sustainability Sessions Series One are now wrapped up and I couldn’t be more thrilled! A huge thank you to all of you who came from all over the UK to join me. 

The Sessions raised almost £3K for charity
Almost 600 of you lovely folk joined the Sessions community, we heard from 30 incredible speakers AND we’ve supported 8 different charities, including The Felix Project, Mental Health Mates, Surfers Against Sewage and Beauty Banks raising almost £3000 for them to do more of their great work!

The sessions were packed out, with speakers like June Sarpong MBE, Fearne Cotton, Grace Dent, Anita Rani, Madeleine Shaw and Shona Vertue, covering all the sustainable living topics from food to fast fashion to gut and mental health to travel to plastics. You can read more about what I learned and top tips on greener travel here and cutting fast fashion here

Small changes can make a big difference
It has been empowering, inspiring and an amazing way to reconnect with a brilliant offline community of people. We made new friends, we lifted each other up, and we created a real community.  

The sessions really showed that we can all start today to make small positive actions that we can easily take on and repeat daily. Small actions that will collectively amount to something really impactful for ourselves, others and the planet.

Thank you everyone who came and thank you Ennismore House for hosting the last brilliant 2 months at Sessions House in London and Aecorn Aperetifs and Natural Born Wine and Worm London for keeping everyone happy and setting the scene for great conversations.

Series Two is coming soon next year. Make sure you sign up to my newsletter to be the first to find out!

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