Sustainability Sessions: The State of your Plate | Melissa Hemsley
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Sustainability Sessions: State of Your Plate

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Sustainability Sessions: The State of your Plate

I’m still beaming after the first Sustainability Sessions “The State of Your Plate”, with Anita Rani, Skye Gyngell, Grace Dent and Jules Pearson, at Ennismore Sessions House.

Thank you everyone for coming and for making Mondays meaningful & driving positive united action. I have so much to share from our first community session but a few highlights were:

We talked about Sky Gyngell’s single use plastic free kitchen & waste free menu.

Grace Dent’s championing of changemakers & transparent good people who care.

Why restaurants need to try harder than just being seasonal & need to manage their recycling (!)

Anita Rani’s BBC1 documentary ‘War on Plastics ‘and how (an unforgettable image) if Henry VIII had used a wet wipe, it would still be around today! Mad!

The simple impactful eco initiatives that Jules Pearson has seen & implemented globally with Ennismore.

THANK YOU very much to all the wonderful faces who came along to my first Sustainability Sessions, it was beyond powerful having you there and helping us raise money for the food rescuing charity The Felix Project

It’s going to be an empowering, thought provoking, action making next 7 weeks and can’t wait for next Monday’s session on *Our Mental Health* with Matt Haig, Bryony Gordon, Poorna Bell and Dr Sarah Vohra.
5 of the 8 sessions are sold out but if you want to get the last few tickets (£15 with £5 of that going to charity) head to and join the community!

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