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Vogue: Sustainable London Restaurants

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The Best Sustainable Restaurants in London

In my latest Vogue column ‘Eat, Think, Grow‘, I’m sharing part 1 of my favourite sustainably minded restaurants in London. 

These London restaurants pride themselves on their ongoing commitment to sustainability – starting with menus built around seasonal vegetables (often grown on-site), responsibly sourced fish, and quality nose-to-tail meat. Their business practices also help to minimise all forms of waste, grow community outreach, and nurture staff wellbeing too.

Click here to read my full article.

To learn more about sustainable food practices, join me at my newly announced Sustainability Sessions. For the first event on September 9, I’m speaking with two of my favourite women, the hugely inspirational chef Skye Gyngell and award-winning writer and restaurant critic, Grace Dent. A third of the cost of the tickets will be donated to The Felix Project, a ground-breaking food waste charity.

Click here for more details or to grab your tickets.

And check out my previous column on 10 Fun Foodie things you can do this Summer. 

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