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Talking Food Waste on Kitchen Club

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Talking Food Waste on Kitchen Club Podcast

food waste kitchen club podcast

You all know I love a good podcast, I cook to them, I clean to them and I learn from them. But it’s always an extra pleasure to be on them, especially talking about things I’m so passionate about.

I joined my wonderful friend’s Sarah and Serena on their brilliant new podcast Kitchen Club. I sat down with them right after my final Sustainability Sessions of season 1 to talk food waste, (trying) to chill out, learnings from the experts at the Sustainability Sessions & cooking for the October climate marches.

We also talked about my all time 3 fave ingredients “the holy trinity” garlic, ginger & onions, which put me in the mood for making something yummy. The girls cooked for me, based on my holy three and we sat down to enjoy a fantastic Sri Lankan Dahl with crispy friend onions and coconut sambal. Head here for the recipe.

food waste sri lankan curry

And do check out their other episodes too. My fav so far have been with Kate Lister (she’s a holistic voice coach) and then Henry and I loved the episode on *masculinity and vulnerability* with Jack Norman from Milk For Tea who hold vulnerability workshops for men.

Listen here.

podcast kitchen club
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