The FeelGood Sessions are here | Melissa Hemsley
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The FeelGood Sessions

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The *FeelGood Sessions* are here!

feelgood sessions melissa hemsley

Join me on Monday nights for *The FeelGood Sessions*

Come and say hello as I catch up with friends from my kitchen to their sofas as we talk about the every day small things that we cherish and relish and are bringing us moments of comfort and some sweet relief! I’m telling you now, I bet I’ll be crying for some of this.

This week, I was joined by the magnificent Anita Rani which was an absolute delight. Click here to watch our full chat.

And I’ve got a lineup of other very lovely guests such as, Bryony Gordon, Rachel Khoo, Laura Brand, Callie Thorpe, Lizzie Carr, Victoria Pendleton and many more coming soon, every Monday evening straight to your homes.

I’ll be asking each guest *TEN QUESTIONS* I really want to know about what makes each of them feel that bit better. What free, simple or unusual pleasures are soothing and nourishing them or making them stop and listen and be still. They’ll be sharing bits of good news and inspiring uplifting stories as well as their slow living discoveries and the community projects, movements and charities they dedicate their time to.

I’ll also be welcoming back some of the speakers from my first series of #thesustainabilitysessions as I know that those of you who got tickets to the sold out sessions absolutely loved them and so they can tell us how they’ve been getting on since Winter and what they’ve learnt along the way. And also share what might be useful for us in our own getting greener journeys as ‘feelgood’ and ‘sustainable’ looks different and feels unique to each of us.

If you miss joining us for the Monday night LIVES, you’ll able to catch up with us on IGTV (trying to learn all the *techy stuff* these last few weeks, some of you make it look so effortless 🤯).

I’ll be hosting these #feelgoodsessions on my Instagram on Mondays because for me, it’s the day of the week I slightly dread (anyone else 🙋🏻‍♀️) and this way I’m finally looking forward to Mondays!

And of course am looking forward to you sharing with me, what’s making you feel ok / good / bit better / happy in these tough and tender times and beyond. Ideas, inspiration, support and recommendations always welcomed with open arms.

See you all there! Melissa x

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