Judging the Great Taste Awards | Melissa Hemsley
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Judging the Great Taste Awards

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Judging the Great Taste Awards

Photo by Ed Schofield.

I was completely honoured to be one of the judges at the final round of the celebrated Great Taste Awards in beautiful Dorset last week. If you’ve ever seen a black & gold set of star symbol when you’re out shopping on the labels of specialist and artisanal foods, that’s them. So look out for them now you know.

After a very *tough* day of sampling a huge variety of talent from 930am -430pm we then had garden drinks & had a slap up meal courtesy of my friends Jules & Steve who run @rothbarandgrill (I cooked with them here last summer). Days like this, make me count my lucky stars that I get to cook and eat for a living and work in a country of such wonderful produce & people.

Winners will be announced in September and you’re definitely in for a treat.

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