The No-Cook Party Platters | Melissa Hemsley
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The No-Cook Party Platters


The No-Cook Party Platters

With Summer Party season finally here, having people over and thinking about all of the lovely food to cook can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. As much as I absolutely adore cooking for my friends and loved ones, it’s also great to sometimes just relax and enjoy the party yourself. Enter these No-Cook Party Platters!

I’ve recently got SO into them as they are really easy to put together and still get the same ‘wow factor’ from guests. You can either go all out on expensive ingredients or keep it simple with lovely crudités and home-made hummus. Or why not try making your own crackers like my Chickpea Crackers from “Eat Happy” which are great cooked with fennel seeds or rosemary and perfect for dunking in, well… anything!

Why not make a fruit platter too? I rummaged through my cupboards to see what I could throw into this one and it worked out perfectly with fresh Summer berries mixed with some of my Happiness Balls from “Eat Happy” I had in the fridge!

Why not try making your own!

Melissa x


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