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Celebrating these Sustainable Restaurants

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The Sustainable Restaurants I’m Celebrating Right Now

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Last week, I was thrilled to present the *Food Made Good Awards* to some of the UK’s most sustainable restaurants, pioneers and initiatives, alongside Prue Leith and Raymond Blanc. 

The awards (organised by The Sustainable Restaurant Association) are there to celebrate the restaurants who are making waves, embracing more veg and better meat, cutting food waste and plastic pollution, giving back to local communities and lots more. 

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists who are such inspirations and champions. They deserve all the love and support for leading the way towards a greener, more sustainable hospitality industry.

Special shout outs to these incredible sustainable restaurants, chefs and initiatives:

Poco Tapas Bar, Bristol, who entered the awards’ Hall of Fame for their persistent work in sourcing local, cooking seasonally and cutting food waste. Co-owner, Tom Hunt, is a friend and food waste activist who is a massive inspiration. I mentioned Poco in my recent Vogue column as one of my fave sustainable UK restaurants

Greta Thunburg got Raymond Blanc’s Sustainability Hero for, in his words: “waking one generation, shaking at least one more, and inspiring millions to engage and act on climate change.”

Food waste app, OLIO won Supplier of the Year for their pioneering technology, connecting businesses and neighbours to use up food that would otherwise end up in the bin.

The Wheatsheaf for Business of the Year, is an incredible organic pub in Wiltshire. Most of their menu is veg-led, they make their own crisps to cut down on plastic pollution. Customers with gluts of fruit and veg can exchange them for a tab at the bar!

The Buxton in London won the Open Right award as a brilliant example of a pub that’s been newly opened sustainably. They’re growing their own fruit and veg on the roof and are powered by 100% renewable energy. Yes! 

Deri Reed won Chef of the Year. I love his ethos for supporting local food that benefits farmers and the local communities. His restaurant, The Warren, in Wales campions a menu with vegetables at the centre of the plate as well as quality, mostly organic, Welsh produce.

Vacherin caterers got the Waste No Food Award. They reduced food waste by 25% by championing wonky veg, recycling their coffee grounds and turning leftover porridge into tasty protein bars and smoothies among other clever waste-free initiatives. 

The Vegetable Diva won The Rising Star for their plant-based, seasonal Bristol cafe and plastic and package-free take-away. 

Where the Light Gets In uses food to tell stories and cut food waste. Winning The Rising Star award, this Stockport restaurant also champions using the whole animal, from nose to tail.  

The Green Vic in London got The Rising Star Award for its mission to be the world’s most ethical pub.

Chris’ Fish n Chips in Leicestershire won the Good To Go Award for their plastic-free takeaway bio boxes. I love these awards for championing the small businesses you’d never have heard of. Customers can even bring in their used cooking oil and the restaurant will recycle it. So simple, but so innovative.  

Finally, a big thank you to the Sustainable Restaurant Association for trusting me to host these very special awards. It was a complete honour.

If you want to make greener changes in your daily life but you don’t know where to start, come along to series two of my *Sustainability Sessions*. Find out more here.

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