3 Veggie Recipes for an at Home Curry | Melissa Hemsley
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3 Veggie Recipes for an at Home Curry


3 Veggie Recipes for an at Home Curry

melissa hemsley telegraph curries

This month’s Telegraph recipes are inspired by my previous travels to Sri Lanka (a country I love), but handy for the current times: since many of us are batch-cooking more than usual, either to keep the family fuelled for the week or to share portions with a neighbour, you’ll be pleased to know that all three dishes are easily scaled up and keep well, too.

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New Potato and Lentil Coconut Curry
Leave out the broccoli and asparagus if you don’t have any, and stretch this out by serving with rice, naan or wraps to leave leftovers for the next day. You could even bake a few eggs into the leftovers for brunch. Instead of coconut milk, you can use powdered coconut milk (make it up with water as per the instructions). Get the recipe.

curry melissa hemsley sambol

Coconut Sambol
Thus sambol (a gorgeous side of coconut and herbs, which I recommend as a topping for the curry) is also fantastic scattered over a simple soup or tray of roasted vegetables to add a hit of flavour and colour, and is delicious stirred through leftover rice, quinoa or potatoes as a cold salad the next day.You can use dried chilli flakes if you can’t get hold of fresh chillies. Get the recipe.

melissa hemsley chai muffin telegraph curries

Chai Coconut & Lime Muffins
These are lovely eaten warm. I like to reheat leftover muffins briefly in the oven to eat the next morning. If you don’t have all the spices, you could substitute them all for one tablespoon of a good-quality chai spice mix. Get the recipe.

Photography: Sophia Spring & Andrew Twort

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