Thrifty Cooking in The Doctor's Kitchen | Melissa Hemsley
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Thrifty Cooking in The Doctor’s Kitchen


Thrifty Cooking in The Doctor’s Kitchen

melissa hemsley doctors kitchen

Check out me on my friend Dr Rupy’s BBC show! I joined Dr Rupy for an episode *Thrifty Cooking in the Doctor’s Kitchen*. You can watch it on BBC iplayer here. We talk waste free cooking, getting the most out of our shopping and cupboards and delicious ways to eat more vegetables.

Due to COVID restrictions, I wasn’t able to cook alongside Dr Rupy so I got the chance to put my feet up and have him cook for me instead, hope you enjoy it – there’s other fab episodes in the series with guests like Jack Monroe –  and congrats also for Dr Rupy’s great new cookbook which celebrates more veg and one pot cooking.

thrifty cooking melissa hemsley
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